Parallel Selenium Tests for NUnit and Selenium Webdriver

If you write your browser automation tests using .NET, NUnit and Selenium WebDriver, then NuGridium will provide you with:

Selenium Tests Management via a Web API and a Web Portal.

  • Easy integrate Selenium tests executions with your CI/CD pipeline.
  • Programmatically or manually trigger your Selenium test runs.
  • Get detailed logs and statistics on every test method.

Highly Parallel Selenium Tests

  • Connect any number of NuGridium agents to your server.
  • Easily turn any available machine into an agent capable of executing all your Selenium tests.
  • Shorten your execution time and increase how often you run your Selenium tests.

Selenium Testing Using Azure

  • Azure Service Bus allows you to connect your remote agents to your on premises server.
  • Azure VM Scale Sets allow you to start hundreds of VMs on demand to execute your Selenium tests with the push of a button.

Parallelize your tests for Free

What it is about

NuGridium helps you quickly set up a network of computers able to execute Selenium Webdriver NUnit test fixtures. It helps you manage your test binaries and their test method executions via a web portal as well as an API. Easily integrates with your CI/CD pipeline.

NuGridium consists of a server application and agents connected to it and running on other machines. The agents download the test binaries from the server and execute the tests locally without the need to go through a Selenium Grid.

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Quickly create a network of machines able to run multi-browser parallel Selenium tests

Installation and setup takes only a couple of minutes.

Use Azure Service Bus and Azure Storage to connect remote agents that are outside of the server's network.

Use the Azure VM Scale Sets feature to spin up to 100 virtual machines (per environment) that will execute your tests. You are only limited on the number of virtual machines you can have by the limits set by Azure itself.

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Easily integrate with your existing CI/CD pipeline via the web API

Trigger a highly parallelized Selenium test run from any build in your CI server or any deployment in your CD server. Receive a results html file artifact for every test run triggered.

Integrate with Octopus Deploy without having to write a single line of code. Using our custom step template (download here) you can upload your Selenium test binaries to the NuGridium server and trigger a test run. Trigger a higly parallelized Selenium test run from your Pull Requests (see video) with lots of tests and receive the results in a matter of miutes, not hours.

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Manage your test runs and test binaries via the web portal

NuGridium provides a rich web interface as well as an API.

Create projects, test environments and test run configurations (groups of tests methods). Trigger your test runs on a schedule. Manage your agents and the environemnts they belong to.

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Support dozens of different browser versions on each of your agent machines

With the setting you can run any of the containerized browsers available on the hub on one machine. No need to install any browser on the agents. Download the container once and run as quickly as if it was installed.

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Test Internal (On Premises) Websites Fast

Run your tests locally against internal websites without a Selenium Grid either locally nor on the cloud. No need to install slow tunnelling apps to route traffic from a cloud provider. Avoid the latency inherent in running tests on the cloud against local websites.

Parallel Selenium Tests

With enough agents you can run each of your tests concurrently. Setting up a NuGridium agent machine is quick and easy, making scaling horizontally easy. If your agent machines are able to handle 10 browsers simultaneously, then you will need 10 machines to run 100 tests in parallel.

No Need to Install Browsers

By leveraging the power of Turbo VM windows containerization technology, you can execute your tests on the many available browsers on the Hub. No need to install the actual browser on your agent machines.

Azure Connectivity

Use the Azure-based features, such as Service Bus queues to connect your agents with the server without having to have them on the same network. You can turn any computer into a NuGridium agent machine capable of executing your NUnit Selenium tests. Use VM Scale Sets to spin up to 100 vms on demand depending on the number of tests in your tests queues.


Use the web API to automate your test executions. Easily integrate with your current CI-CD system.


The transfer of any binaries between server and agents occurs over channels secured using X509 certificates. Agents and server have to establish a trust relationship before they can communicate with each other.